3D Tours to showcase your property or commercial space

Markus Summerer

As a professional photographer I spend my days shooting various mediums. More recently, I added a Matterport 3D camera to my suite of offerings which allows me to do 3D virtual tours of any space, whether it’s a property for sale, tourist/holiday accommodation, commercial venue or developer/architectural project.

From a real estate perspective, 3D tours are still in their infancy and are somewhat restricted to higher end and luxury properties although this is changing. By including a 3D link on a real estate listing, buyers are able to “walk through” the property and experience it as if they were physically there – all from the comfort of their lounge room. From a buyers perspective, this saves an enormous amount of time and if there is any chance that an interstate or international buyer may buy the property then it’s essential. Of course, there is always a need to physically inspect a property however 3D tours help significantly with the shortlist process.

In an information-centric world, time-poor buyers are demanding more and more information at their fingertips and whilst professional photography and the inclusions of floorplans are now expected from every property marketing campaign, 3D walk-throughs are becoming the norm. Agents also benefit from having 3D tours added to a listing as it means buyers are qualified when they walk in the door, making it easier for the agents to address any negative aspects of the property. And according to REA Group, properties that are listed on realestate.com.au with 3D tours receive a 60% increase in email enquiries and a 95% increase in phone enquiries.

It’s not only real estate agents benefitting from the inclusion of 3D tours in their marketing promotions. We are also currently working with a number of project home builders to include 3D tours. The tours are particularly useful to showcase display homes and are incredibly useful in supporting the decision-making process as prospective buyers can revisit the homes and “walk through” every corner of the home at their leisure. Adding 3D glasses also provides the opportunity to turn any Matterport space into a fully immersive virtual reality experience. This means that prospective home buyers walking into a display home in Sydney can put the glasses on and “walk through” alternative display homes in Canberra or Brisbane.

From a marketing perspective, adding a 3D tour together with professional photography is central to creating an emotional connection to the space you are promoting, whether it be for buyers who are looking to purchase a property, holiday planners who are deliberating over which holiday apartment to book, or for architects looking to display their portfolio of work to prospective clients.

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